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October 03 2016

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June 12 2016

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May 29 2016

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May 26 2016

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May 23 2016

So I was at the school gym today alone

I sometimes ask my PE teacher for the keys because he knows I don’t like team games but I do enjoy lifting some weights. I was doing a little back exercises using bar, trying to focus on the posture to do it right with the weights later. And the other PE teacher was walking by and he came in telling me how wrong I do deadlifts (though I wasn’t deadlifting). He started showing me how to do it to make my butt work (although I wanted to do my back this day) and what to focus on to lean my legs. I said nothing at that moment, but now I think how soft-sexist it was. I mean, I’m a girl, but it doesn’t mean I only exercise legs and butt. I’m sure he wouldn’t have suggested any boy to do biceps if he had been doing legs. So why he suggested me to do butt when I was doing back?

And if I do the deadlifts, I put some weights on that bar, boy.

May 19 2016

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May 17 2016

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Kieslowski, Polish filmmaker - Luc Lagier

This goal is to capture what lies within us, but there’s no way to filming it. You can only get nearer to it. It’s a great subject literature. It’s probably the only subject in the world. Great literature does not only get near to it, it’s in a position to describe it. I suspect there are a few hundred books in the world which have managed to achieve a full description of what lies within us. Camus wrote books like that. Dostoevsky wrote books like that. The greek dramatists, Faulkner, Kafka (…). Literature can achieve this, cinema can’t. It can’t because it doesn’t have the means. It’s not intelligent enough. Consequently, it’s not equivocal enough. Yet, at the same time, while being too explicit, it’s also too equivocal…[a bottle of spilt milk or a cigarette lighter lit] will never mean anything else. If once in ten thousand times it turns out to mean something else, that means somebody has achieved a miracle. Welles achieved that miracle once. Only one director in the world has managed to achieve that miracle in the last few years and that’s Tarkovsky. Bergman achieved that miracle a few times. Fellini achieved it a few times. Ken Loach, too, in Kes. (Kieslowski on Kieslowski, edited by Danusia Stok)

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May 16 2016

April 28 2016

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April 27 2016

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